18:21 | Author: Eboe
So I have a few friends that haven't figured out how to use FriendFeed to its fullest potential. Some of them don't know how to use it. {It's okay, it can be difficult}

So here's some pointers:

1: SIGN UP! It's free and believe me, it'll do alot of things you wouldn't find somewhere else {that is unless someone else knows somewhere else better??}

2: After you sign up, at the top of the page you will find a link "Import sites". This is where you want to add any accounts you have that they are partnered with {Facebook, Twitter, Plurk,, Photobucket, Flickr..59 services in all}

3: At the top of page in their 'toolbar' you will see Account. You will want to go there to adjust your account...BUT scroll down to 'Feed Publishing'. Under Feed Publishing, you make it possible for FriendFeed to automatically post items from any of your accounts to Twitter. Automatically. So you can post a blog and that link will post to Twitter.

4: Go to Tools, next to Account in the 'toolbar'. There you can find ways to keep connected to Friendfeed without having to go to the site everyday. Also there's widgets you post on your sites.

FriendFeed functions as its own social networking site, but it connects all of them together. You can add your friends, message them, post your own things..Great little site there.
Feb. 2 Artist of the Week
23:54 | Author: Eboe
I first heard of The Dear & Departed on my good pal, Ron Purtee Show. Their music sounded cool, refreshing than just everyday rock shit. And to my liking, they all have accents.

None of them were born in the US, but they came to Orange County to form the band in 2004. They came from New Zealand, Australia, England, and Wales. But they've gone through some line-up changes, only to make it better. Two new tracks were just added to their Myspace: "Day to day" and "If you Say So".

I am in love with their song "Tonight's the Night". I can't stop listening to it! You can get their songs and album at Itunes today!
Here I Am
22:33 | Author: Eboe
Now this is right up my alley: cheesiest love songs!

"Heaven" by Bryan Adams
I like the song, but the cover by DJ Sammy is better, but only slightly. Still love this Canadian, though.

"I Just Called to Say I Love You" by Stevie Wonder
Every time I am forced to hear this song, I want to tear out my ears. And I mean forced because I never ever voluntarily listen to this.

"Hello" by Lionel Richie
I can take this song. I hear it at work all the time {Grocery stores have a tendency to play cheesy/awful music}. But whenever I hear it, I think my little brother acting like the blind chick from the music video.

"More Than Words" by Extreme
Another corny song played at work. I'd like to run from it.

"If I were a Carpenter" by Bobby Darin
I don't think I've even heard this song before. I probably have and can't think of it. Hopefully.

"You're the Inspiration" by Chicago
Damn you, Peter Cetera. I like this song and I do.not know why. It pierces your eardrums and you just wanna kill.

"Lady" by Kenny Rogers
Never heard the song. I do try to stay away from Brewster Baker if I can help it.

"Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler
Ah yes, the Queen of Cheesy songs.

"The One That You Love" by Air Supply
Aw, nobody does corny as great as Air Supply. I just can't say anything bad about Air Supply. I'm all out of love, I'm so lost without youu

"Lady in Red" by Chris de Burgh
I can't hear this song and not think of Dodgeball. Or late night listening to Delilah. Insert: daydream dancing.
We Got Fun n Games
12:16 | Author: Eboe

It's Super Bowl Sunday!! Go Cards! As I am from Cincinnati, it is impossible for me to cheer on the Steelers. Plus, I like Kurt Warner. He's a solid quarterback and a great guy. So make us proud!
I hope I'll be off work in time to see Faith Hill and Jennifer Hudson sing.

But be smart. If you're going to drink, don't drive home. If you're driving home after the game, take it easy, don't be stupid and be careful. And don't be a dickhead and riot if your team doesn't win.
United States of Tara
20:53 | Author: Eboe
I have to say..this show is fucked up. But I love it. I just got done watching the 3rd episode, and I'm hooked. I love Tara, T, Alice, Buck, Max, Kate, and Marshall. It's unique, it's interesting, and it's well-scripted. I like how the alters go with the rest of the relationships Tara has. Like Buck is for Max, T is for Kate, and Alice is for Marshall. Her alters are like her trying to relate and be perfect for each of them.

I've liked Toni Collette since In Her Shoes and she was brilliant in Little Miss Sunshine. She portrays Tara and her alters beautifully and I don't think anyone else could pull off this role like Toni.

Showtime has been putting out series after series. Some are original like United States of Tara, Californication, Weeds; and some not-so-original like The Tudors. However, all of them are cast perfectly and quality programs.

Visit Tara's Website for more info.
Jan. 31 Video of the Week
20:41 | Author: Eboe
Have you ever wondered what would happen if McFly had a knife in Back to the future? What about if Lorainne had a unibrow and a hair chest? I think this answers your questions..

Oh, my God, Magnum!
15:37 | Author: Eboe
Today, I salute a great American. Happy Birthday,

Tom Selleck

It's crazy that Magnum is 64. Insane. I still watch Magnum, P.I. on a semi-monthly basis. My brain can't take too much mustache.

I am not very happy that Matthew McConaghuey is going to play Magnum in a possible remake..but then again, who could possibly replace Tom Selleck? I hope that the movie is not made, because it won't be made the same..Hollywood will completely fuck it up.

{Thanks to @mikedoe for tweeting this.}